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How I Earn BTC, ETH & USD Daily!

NOTE: Visitors from the USA and some other countries may need a VPN to access this website. As with any cryptocurrency opportunity or cryptocurrency or some forex exchanges you will need to use a VPN. If you do not have a VPN you can download the Opera browser that has a built in Free VPN. Please go to www.opera.com.

(A video with full details is below)

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What Beurax Offers


Daily Passive Earnings

Earn BTC, ETH & USD daily on your own deposits, and all with NO FEES. If you wish to trade with BTC, ETH or USD we will keep your deposits in that denomination so YOU earn both from our superior A.I. auto trading & the rise in value of your assets.

One click trading.

1.4% - 4.2% daily earnings available and all rewards are available daily! 

Daily withdrawals with NO Caps or Fees

Daily withdrawals of all funds available any day of the week with no caps OR FEES. No waiting till Friday, next week or next month to get your money out, they're yours so just click one button and you can get your money sent straight to your wallet!

How things should be!

Team Building

Active 15 Level Team Building Affiliate Program 

If you are an affiliate marketer, networking professional or just someone who likes to share what is working for you we have one of the best affiliate programs available. Plus no jumping through hoops to try and earn, just a simple 15 level commission plan that you will love!

How To Sign Up For Your Free Account.

Here is a step by step video showing how to sign up on our platform. If you have not been given a sign up link yet, please refer back to the person who invited you to this opportunity.

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Join Us

More Reasons To Join

Passive Members:

  • Simple 1 click auto-trading that anyone can do!

  • Earn between 1.4% - 4.2% Daily on your own assets!

  • Passively earn BTC on your own BTC!

  • No having to recruit or build a team necessary!

  • Earn on the rise of your Bitcoin or Ethereum! 

  • Cash out your rewards at any time! 

  • Have as many trades on as you wish at any one time !

  • Trade and earn in BTC, ETH or USD! 

  • No FEES Ever!            

  • Active Members:

  • Earn commissions 15 levels deep!

  • No having to Qualify to get commissions on levels!

  • Instant pay outs of any commissions to your own wallets

  • No waiting to get paid!        

  • No FEES to withdrawal any rewards or commisions!

  • Generous Bonus system!    

  • All commisions come from Beurax NOT invited person!

  • As you can see there are some amazing reasons to join Beurax so please get back to the person who introduced you to this amazing opportunity.


    To get Your Free account, Please get back to the person who introduced you to this page

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